Bone Repair

ReadiGRAFT® Crushed Cancellous chips 15 cc

The 1588 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) Platform standardizes your operating room by providing one simplified solution that is personalized for you and simplified for your staff.

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Optium® Demineralized bone matrix (DBM)

Demineralized bone matrix that has osteoinductive potential and is osteoconductive, it is composed of demineralized bone from human donors in a biocompatible carrier.

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Optium® DBM Gel  

(1,5,10 cc)

A Demineralized bone matrix which composed of Particulates in a glycerol carrier.

Optium® DBM Putty

(1,5,10 cc)

A Demineralized bone matrix which composed of bone fibers in a glycerol carrier.

MatriGRAFT® Structural Bone

Fresh Frozen structural allografts, including structural repair struts, shafts, wedges, condyles or heads.

Lifenet Health also offers large segmental and reconstructive allograft bio-implants to meet the challenging demands of reconstructive procedures.

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