OR Modular Solutions

HT Wall Systems


A high standard of aesthetics in accordance with functionality. Innovative detailed solutions for all installations.

Certification for hygiene, fire, noise and X-ray protection as well as tightness.

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Ceiling Systems & Illuminators

HT ceiling systems are individually planned and adjusted to suit the space requirements. 
The ceiling panels are made of white coated sheet steel and are easy both to install and remove.

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Door Systems

HT door systems for hospital areas are manufactured by HT to the highest quality and individual designs in our own production center. 

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Glazing is possible within the wall system in various individual sizes and with any preferred placement. The glass may be fitted on request with fire and X-ray protection. 

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Medical Installation

The HT Group modular room system satisfies the highest hygiene standards in its designs. 

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Sanitary Solutions

The HT intelligent sanitary solutions may be adjusted to meet individual customer needs such as room size and equipment.

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IT Solutions

The HT Control system enables the operation and display of parameters and information which are relevant for the monitoring and control of the room functions in the OR and laboratory sector.

It enables operators of hospitals and laboratories to sustainably handle energy and power resources and coordinate the appropriate tasks.

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Project Management

Our project management system ensures that the project runs perfectly smoothly from planning of the total solution up to its installation.
As a central interface it coordinates all internal processes and the work and issues of all partners involved in the construction.

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Turnkey Projects

HT realises complex and high-quality projects in hospital and laboratory construction on a ready-to-use basis as part of a turnkey solution.

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3D Planning

At a time of rapid technological and scientific change a number of new questions and challenges are posed which must be taken into consideration during the planning stage of a hospital or laboratory.

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